Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have to walk early in the morning,
before my brain figures out what I'm doing..

I received this quote from a family friend and I think it sums my walking up. I have always enjoyed walking in the morning before the rest of my day gets started. I am so looking forward to school getting out and not having the two beautiful girls I babysit here in the morning so I can get out early and walk. It's also good because my teenagers never know I'm gone, they are usually still asleep when I get back.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Michigan Weather

I thought once I got home from Florida the weather would be wonderful here and I would get out and walk - guess I forgot that I live in Michigan. I was able to do a lot of walking this weekend (a total of 12 miles) and even got a little sunburn on my nose on Saturday. Since then between the weather and the kids I haven't walked once and don't see it happening today. The weekend is looking good though so I'm planning on at least another 12 miles and hope to get at least a 3/4 miler in Thursday or Friday.

The rain this week has me thinking that it could rain during the actual 3 Day walk (it has both times I've walked before) . I really need to find something for a shoe cover to keep my feet dry. That would be a quick way to a blister and a not so fun walk. Anyone have any ideas?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Walking Setback

I was hit with an upper respritory infection that set my walking back about two weeks. Everytime I tried to walk on the treadmill I walked for about 2 minutes and had to stop because of my terrible coughing fits. Once I finally started feeling better the weather started to break too so I've been able to walk outside. I really enjoy walking outside for many reasons; Mike will walk with me, it's much more like the walking I will do on the 3-Day and it's just so nice to walk and look at the signs of spring.

I'm heading to Florida with Ally and Mackenzie on Easter Sunday so I'll have to walk in the heat. That may be more like what it's going to be like in August but I'm not sure I'm ready for the 80 plus degree heat and the humidity. My current plan is to walk 3 miles on Tuesday, 5 miles on Thursday, 7 miles on Saturday and 6 miles on Sunday. I'll let you know what I end up doing.

Happy Easter to all!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Countdown 22 Weeks

I've started my training and have been following the personal trainer they 3Day has been emailing me. So far so good, not too many aching muscles. The weather has been cooperating but when it doesn't I use the treadmill while watching TV.

Virtual Personal Trainer
Countdown: 22 Weeks

Your Training Schedule for This Week:
Monday Rest
Tuesday 3 miles Easy walking
Wednesday Rest
Thursday 4 miles Moderate walking
Friday 30 minutes Easy cross-training
Saturday 5 miles Easy walking
Sunday 3 miles Easy walking

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Two Things Dear to Me

I was so excited last week to see that the Red Wings were supporting the breast cancer cause. They raised over $27,000 for breast cancer awareness. A few weeks ago the Plymouth Whalers had a "pink out" game where all the players dyed their hair pink and money was also raised for the cause. I love watching hockey, whether it be the Red Wings or my teenage son playing for his high school. Combine that with supporting breast cancer it will bring tears to my eyes. Now if only I can find this pin...